Wednesday, 1 January 2014

PISCES February 19th - March 20th

For all born after February 28th this is a particularly good time for leadership ability and for taking a strong stance with friends in a very positive, organising way. It is a sociable month and one in which you can be very passionate about what you want to do and also persuade other people of the validity of your stance. If born after March 2nd you also have the power of extra intellect, particularly when it comes to the power of persuasion and you will be seeking out intelligent communications with others, which will be useful to you.

For all born after March 3rd, Venus is harmonising with your Suns, allowing you to mix friendship with love life and there is a great emphasis on the power of real love, which is profound and without ego this month.

Also if born between March 2nd and 8th Jupiter is much on your side, bringing luck in terms of Cupid’s affairs and around children’s issues. Fertility is in the air and your creative and artistic gifts are absolutely to the fore. Luck and optimism is on the upswing.

If born March 10th to 14th Saturn is in a serious philosophical angle to your life. Travel can be for duty and obligation, but it also allows you to have a very measured, sensible approach to life in which deferred gratification is your goal. Patience, discipline and a certain sort of austerity is yours.

Those born February 21st to 24th have your ruler Neptune anointing your Sun. This is your ruling planet so it is particularly strong and only happens once every 165 years and it will make your hypersensitive, very emotional, and absorbing everything like a sponge. It also promotes an idealistic, somewhat escapist feel and you need to check all the small print and not project onto people what you want, but what is real. For those involved in the music and film world, this is a truly inspiring period. Spiritual experiences are not uncommon. Do keep grounded but take advantage of the extra sensitivity and inspiration.

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