Wednesday, 1 January 2014

SCORPIO October 24th - November 21st

January sees you with a very sharp mind with great speaking and writing skills, notably if born after November 3rd. Your curiosity and analytical skills are strong now.

After the 11th all of you will need to turn your minds to domestic and family affairs and real estate issues where communications in those areas are vital.

All born November 5th to 20th are able to combine heart and mind and sensitive communication impresses and cements connections with others, but because Venus is retrograde, depth is important, plus truth and honesty.

Mars in your 12th house warns you all to beware sitting on anger and seething. It does no-one any good.

All born November 4th to 10th have Jupiter bringing excellent opportunities for travel, enjoyment through other countries and connections with others far afield that is satisfying. It is also excellent for academic issues, study and learning by pushing out the boundaries of metaphysical or super conscious wisdom.

Saturn however is still in your sign and is now plonking himself right on the Suns of those born November 12th to 16th. For this group a lot of reality checks and karmic situations are in the air. Look after your health, as this is a time to respect the body and do what is necessary, bite some bullets and work very hard to organise life and give it serious infrastructure. Undo what is problematic and consolidate what works. Do not turn your back on what you know has to be done. Meanwhile Neptune inspires and sensitises all born October 26th-29th.  Your need for a fairytale soul mate connection romantically is strong and artistic gifts flourish. Spiritual needs and experiences are enhanced as is real empathy. .

Meanwhile if born Nov 3rd-6th, your ruler Pluto is now empowering and deepening the intellect. In his once every once every 124 year sextile to your sun., Your sense of truth is strong and your communications are effective and go far..

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