Wednesday, 1 January 2014

LIBRA September 22nd - October 23rd

The year starts as ever, with focus on your home family /real estate. A long look at these issues and deciding what needs to be done to improve them is useful and productive now and with Venus in your solar 4th house, strongly for those born October 6th to 21st, there is a real aesthetic insight into surroundings and affections given on the domestic front are powerful and well-received. Entertaining at home and self-indulgence in one’s “castle” is very much in the air, but because Venus is retrograde until the 31st, profundity of affections and emotions are paramount.

Mercury is enabling writing and teaching skills to flourish after the 11th  for all and particularly enhances effective and constructive communications in romance and with offspring.

Jupiter is currently tempting many of you now, if   born October 5th-11th to be a little over reaching or even arrogant in terms of career or public standing. Be wary of ostentatious expectations in life and a little OTT behaviour and lead to later regrets.  However self-indulgence with some moderation can be pleasurable, as can some exotic travel.

Uranus is just finishing his long years toil on the Suns of those born October 1st to 4th. There has been for this group a feeling of disruption in relationships and other people have been unpredictable, chaotic, with some shocks and surprises as part of the package. It has made you rebellious and insecure, but now you are beginning to see the fact that it has all brought a leap into a better future and a more innovative life for you. You have been catapulted into a new freedom, which ultimately is to your fated betterment you just may not see it yet..

However, Pluto for all those born October 4th to 7th is still creating some inner power struggles. It is a time for your own inner courage and strength to be demonstrated with dignity and to draw boundaries around people who would coerce or control you .. Beware  misuse of power  in  self and from others.

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