Wednesday, 1 January 2014

SAGITTARIUS November 22nd - December 21st

 January is a time when you really need to focus on finances. There is a lot going on that you need to work out, talk through and get your priorities right when it comes to your value system, and with wisdom you can consolidate a more secure future.

After the 11th most of you will have an enhanced ability to communicate well and effectively. Teaching skills are especially enhanced as Mercury from Aquarius is gracing your mind.

For all born after December 2nd you also have Mars very much bringing support from others, particularly friends, and your own intelligent action, wisdom and courage is providing you with progress, and communications with males, whether you are male or female, are significantly productive and your own pioneering, zealous spirit is strong.  Your leadership skills now are also particularly powerful and fair minded

If born November 29th to December 2nd Uranus is finalising his year long support and awakening of your Sun energy. The new and exciting is in the air, relating to either children’s, romantic or creative issues of any sort. The future is unfolding. You now know what the new chapter is about and it is a time for believing in yourself, your future and a new outlook on life which promises increased liberation in some, as yet probably unknown context.

However for those born November 24th to 26th there is still a lot of confusion and uncertainty in the air.  This is directly related to Neptune’s influence. Domestic and family confusion and lack of stability is around. Sacrifices are being made. You are either over-idealising or wanting to rescue people. Keep real and keep grounded. And ask others you really trust, for their honest take on things, as they see them more objectively than you This has been a long haul and continues to be until March 2014, when the fog will finally clear.  Till then make no irreversible decisions.

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