Wednesday, 1 January 2014

VIRGO August 23rd - September 21st

January brings promise of love, fun, extroversion and creativity. This is very much a pro-life month, and if born after September 4th, much communication with children and loved ones, and in a creative context, is fulfilling and productive.

For all born September 4th to 21st, Venus is really emphasising the power of romance, but in a way that is not trivial or superficial. This is a time when affections and love received and given have a very meaningful, profound message, and creative undertakings have the same.  Mars for several months to come, is indicating a need to get more focused and energised when it comes to financial security.

Jupiter is bringing social opportunities to grab for those born September 4th to 10th. Others are generous and your leadership skills should not be underestimated. Generous wisdom is also yours to give.

Saturn also, for those born September 12th to 17th is bringing a very serious note to your thinking but in a very constructive way. Austerity, discipline, patience and hard work is yours in doing what is necessary for your future.  You will be glad of these efforts later.

Neptune is opposing now the Suns of those born August 26th to 29th. You are no stranger to this energy as it has been around you for about a year. It is a time when you have felt very disorientated in relationships. There have been people who have been confusing you, possibly with some deceptive circumstances, but your idealism and your projection of fantasies has been powerful and remains so. Your ability to be sensitive to others is enormous but you can also so be vulnerable, and your need for retreat at times is huge because of your overwhelming ability to absorb too much from others that hurts. However for those involved in the arts, particularly music, photography or film, this is a truly inspiring time. Your visual sense is huge, but get rest, get sleep and spending time near the ocean is also helpful.

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