Friday, 1 March 2013

Aquarius January 20th - February 18th

Focusing on finances this month can be very profitable and generosity of spirit can be profitable too, although before the 17th there is sufficient confusion and delay in the air for it not to feel that way. Wait until the second half of the month for things to improve, but you are certainly no shrinking violet before the 12th in order to get your due deserts. Before the 22nd you also can find that your charms and creative skills can bear fruit..

Thereafter, as the month progresses, it is your intellect that benefits from extra energy, notably after the 12th if born up to February 4th, and indeed after the 22nd if born up to February 1st you express your wisdom with charm and kindness. Heart and brain cooperate

Jupiter is very friendly towards you now if born January 27th to February 1st. He is bringing luck and happiness to love life. He also brings fertility to all areas of life in any context desired – very much a feel good factor.

However Saturn is also hovering around the charts of those born January 29th to February 1st. so there is an overlap with Jupiter, and for Saturn his job for this group is to bring some challenges connected to work and career.  Obligations are yours, or there is a feeling of some dissatisfaction. Either way, you have to work very hard at completing issues that maybe tough, or facing issues where change is involved. Reality checks are there for a reason. Also watch your health. Tiredness is reminder of the march of time.

Your ruler Uranus is very powerful this month and very much affecting those born January 26th to 30th. He is in a harmonious connection and is particularly stimulating your very constructive maverick side. He is bringing very intuitive intelligence to your door and allowing you to think more out of the box than usual, and your humanitarian and revolutionary sides are tweaked in a very positive way, notably after the 21st when the power of your natural uniqueness is stimulated to the nth degree.

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