Friday, 1 March 2013

Gemini May 21st - June 20th

Career and public standing is underlined this month with the emphasis on Pisces, but because your ruler Mercury is retrograde still until the 17th, be prepared for the frustrations of the last few weeks to continue as colleagues and bosses just do not read from the same hymn sheet, particularly frustrating if born between June 2nd and 9th. However after the 17th lines of communication clear and if born May 26th to June 4th you are on a roll once more with your mind and communications.

Before the 12th ambitions are strong, but be wary that, if born after June 11th, you are not impatient, pushy and irritable, and indeed if you are not, others will be, particularly at work. However from the 12th if born up to June 6th energies and drives are intelligently focused and you work well in a group situation. Love life is enhanced if born up to June 2nd but only after the 22nd of the month.

Jupiter returns for his 12-yearly visit to the Suns of those born May 28th to June 3rd. Lady luck is smiling. Travel and relationships flourish, as do feelings of well-being and good times roll.

Uranus is also favouring those born May 27th to 31st. He is inspiring you with humanitarian and idealistic drives. Liberation and freedom is a motivating force for yourself and for others, and your uniqueness and intuition carry you far. Others are also catalysts for the new. Notable powers for this are accentuated after the 22nd until the month’s end.

Meanwhile Neptune is still fogging the view of those born May 25th to 27th.There is a divine discontent, a sense of dissolving, an uncertainty of self and of the old landmarks, particularly around career. Your heart is crying out for more or different and it needs to be acknowledged, but make no major changes or decisions while this transit is in progress. This should be with you until this time next year. It is a time just to wait and understand the internal metamorphosis.

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