Friday, 1 March 2013

Aries March 21st - April 20th

There is a lot of emphasis on your solar 12th house, the house of karma, privacy and the unconscious. It will be suitable for many of you, particularly before the 12th, to take time out and review and commune with your unconscious and do whatever positive work you can in a behind-the-scenes way. It is also true that before the 17th you will be feeling that your thoughts and communications are simply alien to the world, but when Mercury moves direct from the 17th, things will feel less isolating

From the 12th your ruler Mars moves into your sign and all born up to April 5th will be feeling energy, assertiveness and competitiveness return with a vengeance. Just avoid aggression

The 26th brings zealous, pioneering action but on the 27th, power struggles are in the air.

Before the 22nd, romance has a clandestine feel, but thereafter all born up to April 2nd  you will be out there, predatory, and flaunting charisma..

Jupiter favours those born March 27th to April 2nd. Intellect is honed and communication skills excel, and positive thinking and luck are friends.

However Uranus sits now exactly on the Suns of those born March 26th to 30th.  For you, it’s all change. The unexpected, the liberating are thrust upon you. It as part of the life plan for you. Grab the shock the new. Days when this is clear are around the 22nd and 28th/29th.

Pluto is also directly affecting now those born around April 1st. There are ominous forces around, particularly from your career angle and people are throwing their weight around, possibly rather subtly, but you too are also fighting externally and internally for your personal power to be acknowledged. Endings and beginnings are in the air. Be conscious of the depths of feelings that are erupting and draw boundaries on extreme behaviour. Yours or others

The full Moon on the 27th, directly affects those born around March 26th. Erupting energies and communications from others now may be upsetting, but the energy needs release.

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