Friday, 1 March 2013

Virgo August 23rd - September 21st

Several bodies Pisces now, suggest that the focus has to be on significant others this month.  However real connection on an intellectual or communication level will be thwarted a little until after the 17th when Mercury, your ruler, moves direct. Many of you will find this a romantic month and you won’t take no for an answer, but before the 12th if born after September 13th, you may also find that others are not pushovers, even quite confrontational, albeit indirectly.

As the month matures, many of you may be feeling that relationship issues demand depth.

For those born August 30th to September 5th Jupiter may be tempting a little over-ambition, over-extravagance, or over-confidence, particularly in the work field, so have a care. However this same group have Saturn giving caution, particularly on an intellectual level.

Neptune is now opposing the Suns of those born August 26th to 29th in his once every 165-year opposition. The rarer the transit, the more powerful. For this group, be wary about illusion, delusion, deception and self-deception re; others. They are not pure heroes to worship or pure victims to save. You see what you want to see, rather than what is real. It makes you empathetic and sensitive but misjudgement is possible. It is great for the artist and for the creative font. The old is dissolving and the new is evolving, but it’s a long journey, so just float and let certain things dissolve while new things gradually emerge from the fog.

Meanwhile if born around September 3rd to 5th, Pluto is definitely your friend. He is empowering you and your confidence, particularly related to creative projects and indeed to romantic issues. A new courage, wisdom and insight is yours and offspring can be a source of real rejuvenation and empowerment.

The new Moon falls on the 11th, directly affecting those born September 13th to 15th when new initiatives and new inspiration comes from others.

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