Friday, 1 March 2013

Leo July 22nd - AugustT 22nd

March is a month to face some of the deeper, more complex issues of life, both to do with relationships and indeed with finances. You also have to learn to give away some of your resources to others in some context. It is a time when superficial won’t do; only the deep and the true, even if uncomfortable, has to be faced in order to heal. However before the 17th when Mercury is retrograde it may be hard to pin down people for that important conversation and misunderstandings are in the air, so use after that date for best results.

However after the 12th when Mars moves into Aries, if born up to August 8th, you will have energy and drive for travel and pursuit of higher knowledge. Your fiery energy will be obvious.

After the 22nd if born up to August 5th, love life and far off fields can combine and travel can be connected with art too

Jupiter is harmoniously angled to those born July 30th to August 5th. Friends are valuable and bring bonuses to your life, and you are also in a position to successfully champion causes you believe in, and there is a natural wisdom that you can use.

However Saturn is a challenging energy now if born August 3rd or 4th, so Jupiter is needed. Domestic, real estate and family issues are all challenging, but don’t kick the can down the road.. Be proactive and disciplined and to do what is necessary, even though difficult. Karma is returning for you to address. It is your chance to create a firmer infrastructure.

Meanwhile Uranus is definitely proactively positively if born July 29th to August 2nd. He is prompting a hunger for intelligent and intuitive progress in life and indeed far off shores can hold this potential. The new needs to be addressed and you can be awakened and enlightened into new consciousness now through looking through new prisms of life. Days, which are particularly notable for this, are after the 22nd.

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