Friday, 1 March 2013

Overview for March 2013

This is Pisces month, ruled by Neptune, god of the sea. The Sun travels through Pisces till the 20th, Mercury is there all month and Venus is also in Pisces until the 22nd, Mars is also in the sign of the fish until the 12th and Neptune is, of course powerfully in its own home sign of Pisces for the long haul. Emphasis on the sea will indeed be great as we all increasingly come to realise that the seas are dying and there is an urgent need to address this problem, not least in relation to fishing quotas and the rising sea levels which are set to engulf many coastal areas. If the seas die, so will we. It is only too painfully true that every time we damage nature we damage ourselves.  Pisces is all about redemption; if we redeem our environment, we redeem ourselves. Climate change deniers are a powerful and mega  wealthy lobby that keep truths and scientific facts silenced so that profits from maintaining the status quo remain ,

Mercury (in Pisces) has been retrograde since February 23rd and finally moves forward on the 17th of this month, so bringing relief from seeming glitches and delays, and maybe some progress in agreement relating to the sea and it’s more healthy future. Mercury retrograde prompts a paused for rethink. Our idea of when things should happen may not be what is ultimately good for us. What we want and when we want it is not necessarily what we really need.

Neptune also rules photography, film and music and it could be a celebratory time re the power of these vital energies that are reflective of the Neptune ruled collective unconscious.

After the 12th when Mars moves into his own sign of Aries, we can expect a little more assertiveness on the world stage and egos become more delicate. Uranus is catching up to square Pluto again and as such, we will start to see more collective popular unrest, not least in Europe and this will build to a peak in May and June. The counties of Italy and France are Leo ruled and with Saturn (worldly and logistical facts) in Scorpio  (harsh truth) and is square to Leo, there will be reality checks and stresses in these countries that are a wake up call to a need for a root and branch rethink of economic strategy. Already Italy is in the grip of a crisis as to what sort of politicians (if any) they want to have in power with telling and bizarre results in the recent inconclusive elections. The fact is people want a fundamentally new discourse that is a complete contrast to the destructive patterns of socio/political values and thinking that have dominated neo liberalism in the last 30 years. When rigid austerity becomes an end in itself, on ideological grounds, with no evidence basis for its efficacy, then collective anger inevitably erupts.

Importantly however, significant and powerful transits this month involve the maverick Uranus (ruler of Aquarius). There are three major conjunctions to Uranus. Mars connects with him on the 22nd, Venus on the 28th/29th and the Sun on the 29th also. This suggests that from the 22nd until the month’s end, there is a increased likelihood of geophysical disruptions and shock events and indeed the unexpected generally is in the air for us all collectively and probably individually. Also Mars squares up to explosive Pluto on the 27th, reinforcing the mood.

Days of progress for the wise use of power are around the 1st and 2nd when the Sun sextiles Pluto, and the 7th when Venus also sextiles Pluto.

Saturn remains retrograde (from the 18th of last month) and will stay in this mode till July 8th. When Saturn is moving backwards, we all feel a little less in the driving seat of our lives, and more at the mercy of events. From Scorpio, Saturn exercises no half measures and forces at work are ruthless. Extremism is in the air. Syria is a Scorpio country and it is currently the apotheosis of the darkness of humanity. (Ruthless obsessive energy and drive is Scorpio’s domain, whether for the light or the dark. A choice; saint or sinner.) What is really also Scorpionic is that no nation feels able to intervene and is truly intimidated and paralysed by the ruthlessness of the darkness of the Syrian situation. Russia and China’s stubbornness (on economic grounds) create the perfect raison d’etre for international passivity.

We are becoming increasingly inured to evil and global injustice (whether perceived elsewhere or felt close to home) as we feel increasingly powerless to fight it. We are in denial on one level, but our psyches are internalising the pain with great collective power.

 Depression is anger turned inwards.

 A dog eat dog attitude exists globally more intensely now in politics and in finances and in corporate structures than ever before; and the lure of and the persuasive force of power and money in this globalised context with blurred national boundaries, has created an out of control behemoth.  Socialism has been equated with communism, so discredited and feared and the idea of fairness and the fight for social equality has been somehow tacitly assumed by many of the movers and shakers to be outdated. Being decent, fair and compassionate seem alien concepts in the world of corporatism and big finance (and their political allies).  Sociopathic attitudes dominate and seemingly unashamedly so. Even exposure of this seems to cut no slack, except for a temporary token grovel, and then it is back to the same old behaviour, as there are it seems, no moral constraints that have any teeth.

 Pluto (ruling Scorpio) in Capricorn is doing his worst by exposing this truth (the rottenness of much of our establishment) and simultaneously making it apparent that the implicit all pervasive value system is not tenable on a planet of limited and dwindling resources.

Saturn (reality check) now in Scorpio (truth/exposure, especially re sexual and financial scandals, which are indeed both Scorpio issues) is totally cooperating by angle with Pluto and is rubbing our noses in the unpalatable dark truths of our global organisations and systems, as exposure after exposure about much that is sick on our planet is presented to us. We have to shine a light on the dark, so as to fight for the light.

Neptune (redemption) now in Pisces, is and will slowly over the next 12 years (while in Pisces), quietly, but insidiously and surely (and without boundaries) undermine the stability of our planet by a creeping destruction of much that we take for granted, including our natural resources, climactic conditions and the perceived protection against existential threat (such as Gulf Stream changes, rising sea levels, loss of food and water sources, new diseases that have antibiotic resistance, extinction of bees and other species etc). Only by becoming totally aware of these real potential catastrophic changes and the loss of assumed safety, will we be forced to realise what our hubristic behaviour has brought upon us and we will not be able to just throw money at it.

We really don’t know what we’ve got, till it’s gone (to paraphrase Joni Mitchell). Then and only then, we will wake up to the need for redemption.

 We face the greatest crisis in mankind’s history, because this time it is global.

 The new Moon falls on the 11th at 21° of Pisces and the full Moon falls on the 27th at 6° of Aries.

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