Friday, 1 March 2013

Sagittarius November 22nd - December 21st

Domestic and real estate issues are powerfully indicated as areas of focus, and are also centres of energy, action and love. However before the 12th if born after December 13th the home could also be a little bit of battle ground and your energy may be like a bull in a china shop, so go easy. However before the 22nd you also feel the power of love from family ant those you share houseroom with.

Before the 17th when Mercury is retrograde, so many of you may also feel that you are singing from a different hymn sheet to those who you live with, but after the 17th, things improve.

Later in the month, notably after the 12th, all born up to December 7th will be very proactive energetically in terms of making the most of life and love and creativity, and after the 22nd all born up to December 4th will feel the benefits of Cupid and aesthetic awareness.

Jupiter is very much a friend now if born around November 29th to December 4th. He is bringing bonuses from others and relationships are enhancing your life. The only problem is that there is a danger of over-ambition, over-confidence, over-spending and over-indulgence.

Uranus is a powerful mover and shaker now for those born November 26th to December 1st. He is stimulating very positively your innovative side and bringing excitement, adventure and experimentation into your life, and grabbing life with both hands is part of the picture, as well as using intuition wisely. It augurs well for the success of the new. After the 21st this mood is powerful, with the power of romance and creativity being part of the picture.

However Neptune is not too concrete an influence for those born November 24th to 27th.He is fogging your perceptions, confusing you. Domestically there are underpinnings of relationships in some way and self deceit and deceptions, including those you may perpetrate need to be avoided at all costs.  Look for clarity of viewpoint from others you trust, as you are not necessarily seeing clearly. Do not be escapist but enjoy music, dance and film.

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