Friday, 1 March 2013

Pisces February 19th - 20th March

It’s your solar return period, auguring well for a sense of well being and progress. Before the 22nd you may well feel appreciated, loving and loved, are looking good. Charisma shines

Before the12th, if born after March 11th you are in assertive mood and will fight for your rights

Many of you born after February 23rd to March 9th will be feeling that others are rather dysfunctional in their communications with you. From the 17th, normal service resumes.

After the 12th attentions continue for many of you on financial reward and effort, and from the 22nd that can be furthered.

Jupiter is creating a sense of extravagance if born February 25th to March 3rd encouraging self-indulgence particularly domestically and amongst family.

Saturn is however bringing a necessary caution if born March 1st /2nd and dutiful travel and academic obligations can loom large, but constructively, with hard work.

Neptune, your ruling planet, now in your sign is accentuating to the nth degree Pisces principles if born February 21st to 24th. This brings the profundities of Pisces experience. There is a negative and positive side to every planet, so ensure that the positivity of sensitivity, inspiration, care, compassion, artistic inspiration and spiritual awareness is yours, rather than vulnerability to illusion, deception and escapism. Keep grounded. Divine discontent and divine homesickness can haunt, but make the divine in the here and now.

Meanwhile Pluto is well disposed towards those born March 1st to 3rd. This gives grounding and empowerment to get heard and to be a real mover and shaker for groups of people who are working for a common goal and indeed brings powerful and effective friendships into your life. Intelligent and impressive efforts on your part can change lives and indeed your own.

Finally the new Moon falls on the 11th at 21° of your sign, directly affecting those born around March 12th. For this group it is a day when you can happily and safely initiate the new.

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