Tuesday, 1 October 2013


 by Leigh Oswald (London-based Astrologer and Teacher)

 Libra is the sign of harmony and peace and therefore in theory that should be a focus on the world stage, but with Mercury in Scorpio all month and retrograde after the 21st intensity, harsh and sometimes quite vicious communications are in the ether, and after the 21st when Mercury is on walkabout, (retrograde) there is a real chance for breakdowns in communications which can have significant ramifications, particularly around the 29th and 30th when Mercury conjuncts Saturn.

 When Mercury is retrograde, although often frustrating with delays and complications, it is an opportunity to rethink goals and strategy and our values and it is a time when we have to realise that our timing is not necessarily as wise as the timing the universe has in mind for us.

Syria is probably a Scorpio country (some claim Aquarius rulership) so further focus on that benighted country is inevitable.

Mars now in Leo gives a rather bellicose feel, with over-confidence and a strutting of large egos on the world stage.

On the 3rd/4th when the Sun opposes Uranus, there is a sense of the left field and eruptions on the planet, when there can be geophysical, geopolitical and economic crisis and in fact it is very possible that there may be news of earthquakes or volcanic eruptions during that period. Uranus when in challenge from the Sun often equates with earthquake activity.

The financial stability of the planet also looks as though it takes a bit of a knock at the very beginning of the month and there is a lot of confusion and smoke and mirrors on the world stage around the 10th when Venus squares Neptune and on the 19th/20th, when Mars opposes Neptune. No one should be trusted, as seeming motive and words spoken can deceive.

Saturn squares Obama’s Sun in the last half of the month; hence he will be fighting his corner in a rather frustrated way. The USA will need to prepare itself for some economic chaos and stress, probably becoming obvious in 2014 and 2015 when both Pluto and Uranus start to challenge the US chart’s Sun in Cancer and Saturn in Libra.

Days of idealism and maybe some spiritual empathy that can manifest are around the 25th/26th when the Sun trines to Neptune and days of potential breakthrough, either technologically or in a humanitarian context are around the 16th/17th when Venus forms a trine with Uranus.

The new Moon this month falls on the 5th at 11° of Libra and the annular lunar eclipse falls on the 18th at 25° of Aries. A lunar eclipse can only fall on a full Moon just as a solar eclipse can only fall on a new Moon. A lunar eclipse tends to bring unexpected eruptions in peoples’ psyche and also collectively. The primitive, the child-like and the knee-jerk response are all underlined, and when in Aries, which is an assertive sign, there is quite a raw and primeval energy attached. Things come to a boil under the full Moon and things that are waiting to erupt do finally do so, and this is especially underlined during an eclipse.

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  1. Greetings Leigh,
    How lovingly articulate!
    Yes, you certainly hit the bull's eye with Venus squaring Neptune!
    On or around the 10th, a man, who shall remain nameless, lured myself, into a fraudulent internet transaction!
    Just most of my personal details, probably enough to start a new identity out of my own country, were provided!
    No monies, once the alarm bells went off!
    Pity, didn't print this and stick it in my diary!