Sunday, 1 December 2013


 by Leigh Oswald (London-based Astrologer and Teacher)

This is quite a powerful month in terms of outer planetary activity, which tends to affect us all.  The outer planets (Uranus Neptune and Pluto) are big picture movers and shakers globally, not just personally. It is the last half of the month that this activity is activated. Mars is often a trigger planet to such activity.

As the month moves towards Xmas, a potent cardinal (proactive) T square is formed: Mars opposes Uranus, with both these planets, in turn, square to a conjunction of the Sun, Pluto and Mercury. That is awesomely powerful and not a little uncomfortable and marks a very powerful end of the year and the beginning of a new one in a rather intense and uncomfortable way, even possibly a little explosively, both in our personal lives and geophysically and geopolitically. Basically therefore the last week of the month does not feel quite so serene as maybe one would wish.  Even Jupiter in Cancer is in on the act, creating a grand cross pattern, which suggests a contributing lack of restraint and even an arrogance of action on the world stage. 

Venus moves retrograde on the 21st in Sagittarius. When Venus moves retrograde, this is always a time when one should stop and take stock of one’s value systems, and it also a time when one needs to take stock of one’s affections. Retrograde planets make us reflect on the real meaning of things and review where we have got things wrong. It is also a time when we have to give more than we get back and a time when some soul-searching is necessary. As Venus rules not only love, but also money, it is possible that after the 21st some powerful economic issues/pathologies will manifest that force us all to look again at just what really matters. Venus will remain retrograde from the 21st until January 31st.

Uranus will be moving direct on the 17th having been retrograde since July 17th. When Uranus is direct, there is a feeling that we start to understand and see a speed-up of the necessity for change and it may well bring a sense that the populace may become more obviously united with any grievances that the collective holds; and more forceful in their desire to be heard.

The new Moon falls on the 2nd/3rd at 11°of Sagittarius and the full Moon falls on the 17th at 25° of Gemini. The new Moon always indicates a new start and augurs well for initiating activities, whereas the full Moon represents a closure. We sow on the new and we reap on the full.

Have a good holiday season, despite the not so benign influences at work; and use it as a time of deeper reflection on the bigger picture, as the planets suggest we really should.

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