Tuesday, 1 April 2014

CANCER June 21st - July 21st

There is much planetary activation of your sign from the very active, significant grand cross in operation now. This may put focus on work, which is challenged by domestic issues and getting the balance right is difficult, notably between the 7th and 23rd, although after the 23rd all born after July 7th will feel communications calm down and there is support from others.

However for all born July 4th to 8th, there will be possible power struggles and uncertainty. This is strong around the 2nd/3rd and 15th of the month, although Mars will also be on the case with a sense of volatility around the 23rd to 24th. This can be a an empowering time if you stand up and draw boundaries with dignity, but you have to be calm and controlled and to fight for what you really know is for the greater good and right. Relationships will feel turbulent and stresses may be erupting, but remember that out of a crisis comes opportunity.

However, after the 5th, Venus protects, bringing for all born up to July 18th a feeling of love, philosophical acceptance and particularly positive issues to do with other countries and travel. A sort of greater wisdom will be a great comfort and bring happiness.

Fortunately Jupiter is a guardian angel now for this same group, so there will be for them a sense of belief and confidence in self , despite any challenges. Work and health can be buoyant, and opportunities are definitely in the air, born out of confidence, but don’t push your luck too far with any arrogance, otherwise you may attract people who may want trip you up

Those born July 2nd to 15th will be feeling the influence of Mars and it suggests that domestic issues are eruptive. Impatience and volatility are your enemies and beware overreacting

Saturn brings discipline and focus if born July 12th to 16th and a very grown-up attitude related to offspring and close personal relationships will be necessary.

Neptune brings a bit of magic to those born June 27th to 30th. There is allure in travel and a strong desire to escape. Idealism, compassion, sensitivity and psychic power is yours and your creative font flowers. Music, the arts, the sea, and communing with nature, are healers.

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