Tuesday, 1 April 2014

VIRGO August 23rd - September 21st

Having to deal with complex issues that may be delicate areas, both in relationships and finances, may need focus this month, and sharing resources with other people, whether they be psychological or material, may be important too.

However before the 7th many of you born after September 11th have excellent opportunity to show others your wisdom and communication skills and to receive positive input from others.

After the 23rd messages to and from long-distance can be rewarding and travel too has benefits, notably if born up to September 7th.

For all born up to September 18th,Venus in your opposite sign would suggest that loving energies between you and another flourishes, and what you give out to others is returned.

With Mars in your solar 2nd house, many of you are thinking of strategies to secure finances or to find ways to become more competitive, but all is on hold and internalised, as it should be.

Jupiter is benevolent now if born September 3rd to 8th. Social life is positive, friends are supportive and your ability to inspire others is great. There is a feeling of luck in the air to take advantage of. However finances and love life are not too secure currently and you should be careful how you tread. Your interests may not seem to be in the interests of others.

Saturn however is a stabilising influence on those born September 13th to 17th. He is bringing gravitas of thought, grounded practicality and discipline and self-control.

Pluto however is very positive now in his rare visit by sextile to the energies of those born around September 6th. He is bringing a genuine ability to regenerate and renew relationships and romance and to have the power to make this area of life work well for you. It is also brilliant for all issues to do with create and speculative ventures. Regeneration somehow related to offspring is also a positive effect of this rare influence.

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