Tuesday, 1 April 2014

LEO July 22nd - August 22nd

This month’s critical astronomical configuration will affect issues of long-distance versus home and the need for pragmatism as opposed to escape, and the conflicting energies therein. It also underscores the conflict between your super conscious awareness versus the conscious.

However on the face of it, you are relatively unscathed, and indeed international long-distance dealings will be figuring strongly in your head, particularly between the 7th and 23rd when travel is likely and communications long-distance are particularly vibrant.

Indeed before the 5th when Venus is in your opposite sign, all born after August 16th have romance very much in their sights and in their hearts, and those close are showing affection and support. There is much determination and passion to do what one wants to do. Constructively, if born between August 3rd to 15th, there is a potential for the development of good strategy. You are playing the long game.

However Saturn is reminding many of you born August 12th to 16th that family and domestic matters need attention and the roots of your very being in terms of securing your infrastructure has to be focused on, even if it is something that takes you away from pursuing your impulsive/compulsive desires.

Uranus however is encouraging all born August 4th to 8th to spread your wings and to become more philosophical and aware of a more super-physical, metaphysical and super-conscious area of life. On a more mundane level, he is drawing you towards new starts, innovations and kick-starting you to a new future of a more academic sort, or to do with new horizons long-distance. This may be a powerful pull, but there are also realisations that sometimes the grass can look greener and temptations to escape are strong, particularly when you have responsibilities to others.

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