Tuesday, 1 April 2014

GEMINI May 21st - June 20th

Your sign’s energies are not in the firing line of the stressful grand cross that is around this month, but that is not to say that you will not be affected and touched by it as people around you will be reacting. Be wary of communications in career in the first week however, as there is a tendency to speak before you think, notably if born after June 9th.

If you know you have planets in Cancer /Capricorn/ Aries /Libra, you may feel this period to be a little more personally eventful and probably challenging in common with many others..

Between the 7th and 23rd social life improves and communications with friends are very constructive and positive for you all, and there is a feeling your ruler Mercury is allowing much coming and goings in a very positive way. However after the 23rd some privacy of thought and retirement will be in order.

Before the 5th Venus in your solar 9th house suggests pleasant journeys and combining love and travel is particularly positive, notably if born after June 14th and there is a general harmony in your being. After the 5th, many of you born after June 18th may notice that your charm at work is possibly more operative than your intellect. Just beware sycophancy.

Even Mars is on your side and if born between June 1st and 13th  giving you great determination, courage, ambition and positive direction of energy, particularly connected to creative and romantic issues. You will demand a pleasant time and get it in a very social context.

Even Uranus who is causing, along with other planets, quite a lot of stress planetary-wise, is on your side, notably if born June 2nd to 6th. He is bringing new horizons, new thinking, new perspectives, new freedoms, new authenticity to your life, and also new contacts who are light-bearers in your life. Enjoy!

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