Tuesday, 1 April 2014

TAURUS April 21ST - May 20th

Your sign is somewhat protected from much of the buffeting energy this month but nonetheless very aware.  Good communications with friends in the first week, particularly if born after May 9th, allow you to clarify your goals, and after the 23rd, all born up to May 6th have a particularly astute sense of thinking, but try and keep objectivity.

Before the 5th, Venus is bringing to your career, especially if born after May 14th, a sense of bonus and your charms are definitely very viable, but it may belie a feeling of some weariness on your part, but after the 5th if born up to May 18th, loving friends and associates can create rather pleasant circumstances in your life and it works both ways.

Jupiter is definitely your friend if born May 1st to 6th as he is bringing natural wisdom, opportunities for travel; positivity and opportunities to grab that are connected to wise assessment of situations.

However Saturn is on your case quite heavily if born May 10th to 15th. Stresses and reality checks are in the air. Other people are bringing their problems to you, which affect your life. Setbacks and negative thinking can haunt you. Do not allow other people to get away with oppressive behaviour, as they are taking advantage of your vulnerability. Do what is necessary with courage.

Pluto is a very positive force now however if born between May 3rd and 5th. He is bringing a new sense of courage, strength and regeneration, possibly from long-distance sources and a mind-over-matter approach to life. He is showing you what you are made of and even a sense of destiny in ways that you cannot turn your back on.

The new moon solar eclipse falls in your sign on the 29th focusing on those if born round April 30th. For you, there is on the date, a sense of a new beginning in life, of sowing new seeds that will bear a good crop in times to come.

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