Tuesday, 1 April 2014

CAPRICORN December 22nd - January 19th

Domestic security and safety will be important to you this month as it is possible that you are feeling a little more upbeat about finances, and after the 5th many of you, particularly if born up to January 18th, will have your charm enhanced and your communications can go very well.

Mars however is not so friendly now for those born January 1st to 13th. Being still in Libra and square to your sign and being part of the overall stressful configuration in the ether now you may well be feeling insecure, angry, frustrated and impatient, particularly connected to your status. Indeed the period around the 8th and 9th and again on the 24th may be especially demanding of self-control and resolution of action in order to stabilise a situation.

Both Uranus and Pluto are bringing stresses and strains into the lives of those born January 2nd to 6th right now. Pluto is bringing a feeling of endings of chapters and also creating quite a primeval force within you. This feels like an evolutionary journey of the soul, which has a fated sense about it, and a there is a sort of powerful desire for survival, both psychological, spiritual and every which way, is driven by a sense of uncertainty, but with the knowledge that the old has to go and the new has to begin. Adrenaline is no stranger to you now. Out of the ashes of the outlived a phoenix will rise. We have to sometimes go through the dark to find the light.

At least Jupiter is happily on your side, notably now if born January 1st to 6th, so although this group is under duress, there is a sense of the cavalry arriving in the guise of other people. The only danger is over-confidence and being over-expansive.

Saturn is at least for those born January 10th to 14th  bringing a measure of self-control and a sense of obligation and duty, and if born December 27th to 30th your sensitivity and compassion and creative instincts are powerful and can be well-used.

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