Tuesday, 1 April 2014

LIBRA September 22nd - October 23rd

Relationships are significant this month, notably between the 7th and 23rd when much communication will be essential and valuable, and before the 7th negotiations with colleagues can be fruitful. Resolving personal issues with partners can be successful

Before the 5th, your ruling planet Venus is enhancing for all born after October 17th the area to do with offspring issues. Romance and the arts also thrive and bringing happiness.

Mars is currently retrograde in your sign and is now impacting those born October 4th to 16th. For this group there is a feeling of urgency, energy, action, drive and some competitiveness. The desire to act is strong but it also feels a little internalised and paralysed. The power of men is strong in women’s lives and in both sexes; testosterone is running through the veins. Internalising plans and energies with vigour is positive but don’t let anger seethe.

Jupiter and Pluto, as they oppose each other, are both squaring the Suns of those born October 4th to 9th. For this group there is the feeling of determination to overcome problems. There can be some power struggles going on and you have to use all your social skills and emotional intelligence to deal with this. Just be careful about being over-the-top in extravagance or hypocrisy in dealings with others, but there is a sense of having to act powerfully to protect your future, but without ruthlessness. All is changing and as you move from one chapter of life to another, avoid biting off more than you can chew. Uranus is also opposing the Suns of this same group so the unexpected is in the air from other people. Changes of plans and attitudes are unsettling you, brought to your door by uncertainties in others’ lives. This is an ongoing, changing situation, so do not make radical decisions, but see it as a need to possibly reconsider future plans.

The lunar eclipse on the 25th reminds those born around October 18th/19th that sometimes we have face truths that need courage to do so, as they erupt from our subconscious.

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