Tuesday, 1 April 2014

SAGITTARIUS November 22nd - December 21st

You are not directly involved in the chaos of the grand cross operating this month, but you will be observational of it; and if you have planets in Capricorn Cancer, Aries or Libra, you may be touched personally by its influence

There is much focus on children’s issues and love life, notably between 7th and 23rd and creativity abounds. Kindness of thought and communication is yours before the 5th if born after December 16th and after the 5th much love and happiness is focused on domestic change and arrangements.

Mars, despite being retrograde which is rather tense for us all, is at least helping all born December 3rd to 15th. For this group there is the ability to focus with courage on goals and aims in life and constructive leadership skills are shown.

Uranus is in friendly angle to those born December 3rd to 7th, bringing a sense of the new, innovative and exciting into life, and that connects to romantic, creative and children’s issues, and a wake-up call to a new direction in life with new values is likely to manifest. However issues around finances will be critical this month in terms of rethinking future planning and as a result of the recognition of change going on around one.

Those born the last few days of November are also feeling, courtesy of Neptune being now square to your birth chart energies, a level of confusion and uncertainty, not only about priorities, but also domestically. The old order is changing. Stay flexible and make no radical decisions and allow yourself to be a little trusting in invisible trade winds of gradual change. You are changing, but beware of projecting what you want to see in people and situations and don’t be too gullible. Keep grounded and get advice from an objective, grounded observer who you trust.

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