Friday, 1 February 2013

Overview for February 2013

This is the month of Aquarian energy, which is ruled by Uranus; hence it tends to focus on Uranian big-picture understanding and wisdom and often brings a boost to scientific discovery, and also promotes maverick rebellion. However there is also much influence from Neptune ruled Pisces this month; in fact the energy is divided between the two sign. Mercury moves into Pisces on the 5th and Venus moves there on the 26th. Mars is in Pisces from the 2nd and the Sun moves into Pisces on the 18th

The difference between Neptune ruled Pisces and Uranus ruled Aquarius, is that Uranus (Aquarius) is more to do with the scientific, objective and big picture awareness and indeed is more drawn to the occult (hidden) and esoteric understanding (more akin to quantum physics) whereas Neptune (Pisces) is connected to more subjective mystical and spiritual consciousness and is concerned with the spiritual oneness of the universe and its creatures (metaphysics).   There is an interface developing between these two approaches to life, as we increasingly realise how much we are indeed all made of atoms that have always existed in the universe.

We really are all made of stardust

In fact astrology can be viewed to be an interface between quantum physics and metaphysics.

The power of water (Neptune which rules Pisces now so strong in the water sign of in Pisces for the long haul i.e. till 2026) has been increasingly focusing all our minds on water, as flooding and typhoons intensify in seriousness, linked to the warming of the oceans, rising sea levels and the changing global air currents.  The insidious spread of geophysical challenges to our globe will be increasingly in our face and we will need all the expertise and innovative genius of Uranus in Aries (not to mention political will) to counteract the truly scary environmental consequences (largely self induced) that lie ahead, if it is not too late.

Importantly and hopefully this month, Jupiter sextiles Uranus for most of the time, which can really underline the potential for unpredictable break-throughs and windfalls for the planet, notably in terms of technological progress.

Neptune rules invisible morphing and has no boundaries in its effects and brings quiet, subtle changes of a positive or negative sort; and can be likened in power, when in sneaky mode, to termites eating away at foundations, silently and invisibly, until suddenly the floor caves in. Also Neptune rules epidemics that spread invisibly and amorphously. He also rules drugs (pharmaceutical grade and otherwise), which do their work invisibly, and which subtly change chemical and physical reactions. Hence with Neptune now so strong in Pisces, there is an urgent growing sense in the medical world of the need to recognise the speeding up of the evolution of antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria; bugs which we used to assume we could always knock on the head when they showed themselves, leading us to take many infections in our stride. Complacency is a great human enemy.

We have in the last half-century or so, started to increasingly abuse antibiotics, using them to fatten livestock, so they are regularly in the food we consume; and doctors have pandered to our desire for a pill for every ill, even when they are not necessary or even are inappropriately prescribed  (they do not work against viruses).  Pharmaceutical companies have poured money more recently into drugs for chronic illness that need constant usage, rather than focusing on new antibiotics, for obvious economic reasons. Now we are starting to face the consequences.

Hubris and Nemesis is an eternal story in the human condition, both collectively and individually.

We worry about the economy when indeed there are bigger more lethal elephants in the room, to which we and not least, (especially), governments, are being wilfully blind.  Climactic change and health issues are looming as massive challenges.

Neptune in Pisces will prove a powerful underminer of complacency.

Neptune however can and should be ultimately redemptive.

 The symbolic fish of Pisces was after all, the ancient Greek symbol of Christianity: Icthus.

Certainly on the plus side of Pisces and Aquarian energy this month, there will be a drive for greater compassion on the planet and equally a drive for greater social justice, as the polarisation globally, between the rich and poor simply escalates. However the barely undeclared war between the haves and have-nots will erupt powerfully in summer, as Uranus in Aries (revolution re the claimed rights of the individual) catches up again with Pluto in Capricorn (established power bases) to challenge his dominion and that will be in Europe too, not least the UK.

Mercury moves retrograde on the 23rd in Pisces and he stays in that motion until March 17th during which time things will not behave, including technology. There will be delays, blocks, hiccups, restrictions and frustrations, not just gratuitously for its own sake, but to make us stop and think and if necessary change path.

Also, and especially during the last five days, Saturn in Scorpio has moved to sextile (60 degree alignment) Pluto in Capricorn. This is a fairly rare transit. Pluto is power and Saturn is pragmatism. When Saturn in Scorpio sextiles Pluto in Capricorn, it has the great potential to allow an individual’s or a collective’s power/will to work intelligently and effectively within the establishment and it gives the ability to organise and control power successfully. It also confers talent in physics and maths, bringing breakthroughs in those areas. Tremendous almost obsessive energy can be focused on tasks, that there is a will to accomplish, so it can be a time of great achievements.

 Economic ruthlessness to achieve a certain goal can also be evident. However what is a great achievement for one person /country, could be a threat to another, so motive is everything. Syria is thought to be a Scorpio country (Although some consider it be Aquarian) and the ruthlessness of both government and rebel forces could escalate…. this however may be a catalyst for effective external intervention.

This combination can also enable governments to force their ideological agenda (mostly not evidence based) upon their people’s lives, for good or ill.

However Saturn moves retrograde on the 18th, remaining so till July 8th, and this will give the feeling globally and individually, of being more powerless and unable to take control of difficult events. Karma feels thrust upon us.

Neptune in Pisces is undermining the old foundations of our global values. We need a new root and branch discourse.

Upbeat days of idealism, creative inspiration, if not some illusion are the 4/5th, 22nd and the 28th. Days of potential opportunity, luck and positivity are the 7th. Days of creative courage and disciplined focus, are around the 15th/16th. Days when there can be a global mood of arrogance, over confidence and dangerous complacency are 9th/10th and the 25th/26th

Then new Moon falls on the 10th at 21° of Aquarius and the full Moon on the 25th at 7° of Virgo.

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