Monday, 1 April 2013

Aquarius January 20th - February 18th

 Your intellect is usually very intuitive and shrewd and you see the big picture, and this month is certainly no exception. Before the 15th, all born after January 31st are able to add heart to brain and communications have the advantage of empathy and love.

After the 14th for all born up to February 16th the power of your pure rationality is seriously impressive and in fact before the 20th for many of you born after February 3rd, you will be no shrinking violet and very assertive and constructively so in your arguments. However your charms will be powerful even when assertive.

Beware after the 20th if born up to January 30th, because Mars is in your solar 4th house, you could be a little bit stubborn, even a little aggressive A bit of a bull in a china shop and you may also have to deal with some confrontation on the home front. Stubbornness and lack of adaptability is your enemy.

However the good news is that Jupiter is complementary now to those born January 30th to February 7th. He is bringing creative confidence, romantic courage and fulfilment, and fertility and the life force is strong. Luck and travel is yours.

However by contrast Saturn is being his usual reality bringer, if born January 28th to 31st. There are likely to be hiccups or problems with authority in your profession.  It is tough and there is no room for play. Face facts, bite bullets, do what is necessary. However this very same group have the good fortune of Uranus your ruler, supporting them, (every 42 years) suggesting that there is also a great desire for the new and the innovative and a leap into a more maverick future, but for now, Saturn says consolidate. Your time will come.  Maybe you are seeing the way forward and those around you just don’t get it., bringing frustration.

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