Monday, 1 April 2013

Aries March 21st - April 20th

This is your month and Venus and Mercury both in your sign, before the 15th brings incredible charms if born after April 1st. You look good, you feel good and people are drawn to you and relationships are certainly going to flourish. After the 14th, if born up to April 18th you hold others’ attention with the power of your argument and you can impress with your mind.

Also before the 20th, your ruler Mars is in your sign and especially for those born after April 5th, there is an added enormous power lent to your ambition and assertive energy. This can move mountains, or if it tips into over-assertiveness, this can create the distinctive sound of war.

For many of you however, in the second half of the month there will also be a great focus on working hard and with great ambition towards securing financial gain.

Jupiter is very helpful now to those born April 1st to 8th. It is an additional boost to your communication skills and wisdom. It’s not just intellectual acumen; wisdom is an additional and superior quality. Opportunities around now need to be recognised and grabbed, they won’t just fall in your lap.

Uranus however is in your sign and is focusing exactly in his once every 84-year hit on the Suns of those born March 28th to 31st. For this group the new, the exciting, the adrenalising, and the innovative are all calling. Your life is definitely in flux and change and that is the way it is meant to be. Don’t seek change for its own sake; let it come to you as it will and you are ready for it. You are awakening to new dimensions and new understandings, and though unpredictable in your behaviour, you recognise your uniqueness and the future calls. Revolutionary desires to liberate others from their chains are strong.

The New moon falls in Aries on the 10th focusing on those born April 8th to 11th. This group have the advantage then have a rise in optimism for the future and a belief in the new.

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