Monday, 1 April 2013

Cancer June 21st - July 21st

Focus is very much on your professional reputation and energy is needed there intellectually and in the first half of the month you have huge ability to convince others through your charms. Later it is definitely the power of your communication and logic  that can swing issues to your benefit.

Beware before the 20th if born after July 6th, as there are war-drums audibly around you. You are ambitious and assertive and this attracts others who may wish to trip you up. Impulsive activity can be your enemy when it comes to work  desires and focus.

Uranus is creating a real restlessness and desire for change and revolution somehow in your life if born June 29th to July 3rd. Again career issues may feel a little unstable and authority figures are inconsistent, and change that is flagged up now, even though it may be intimidating, could be a liberation in the long run. You are being kick-started into a freer future, even if it makes you nervous. Keep flexible and see change as a friend
However Saturn is also giving this same group a measured and controlled quality which brings stability, so there is a feeling that freedom comes though being responsible., and not bypassing it,

Neptune brings a winsome gentleness, empathy compassion and idealism to the hearts of those born June 25th to 27th. It also promotes deep spiritual and creative yearnings. This lasts for around 18 months so enjoy and develop. However Pluto is creating for those born July 3rd to 5th a deep potential for a confrontation over power with others, for good or ill, either professionally or personally.. Beware not keeping squeaky clean and don’t be tainted by others.  Endings are in the air and this is a real test of courage and integrity and also of acceptance of the choices we have, between being  either saint or sinner. Others you connect with now are also either category.

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