Monday, 1 April 2013

Sagittarius November 22nd – December 21st

A month of celebrating the life force, creatively and romantically, even passionately under current dominant Aries planetary power, and before the 15th if born after December 3rd your charisma shines as does your fun-loving inclinations.  Issues round offspring and love life are sources also of joy. Some of you will be feeling very risky speculatively too

Before the 20th and if born after December 7th you are a force to be reckoned with, because Mars is seriously driving you, but in a very constructive and intelligent way. Courage is yours but there is also a feeling that love life will have an all or nothing feel about it.. The desire for intense feelings and mutual exchange is strong.

Blessed are those born December 2nd to 10th as Jupiter opposes your Sun in his once every 12 year visit to your opposite degree. Travel, confidence, extraversion and positivity is yours – just don’t overdo and overindulge and avoid get a bit too over confident. Others who have your best interests in mind are positive and lucky catalysts for change now.

Uranus too is bringing to those born November 29th to December 3rd the thrill of a new desire for greater freedom, change, uniqueness, innovation, both creatively and indeed romantically and your intuition guides you well.

Just be aware if born around November 26th to 28th when Neptune is definitely not allowing you to see as clearly as you should or could, and deceit and deception has to be avoided at all costs.  Confusion around domestic security is creeping in and all seems at sea as to where you belong. This is a rather blind metamorphosis you are going through and remember that you are subject to the danger being a martyr in some way.  You are a little blind sided now .. but enjoy the soothing influence of being near the sea and have music as an important feature . Be wary of escapist and addictive inclinations.

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