Monday, 1 April 2013

Scorpio October 24th - November 21st

April is a month when there can be focus on routine work and rationalising systems, and being generally very service-orientated to others, and indeed before the 20th your co-ruler Mars is making you quite a hard task-master. Your usual charisma and communication charms win the day and indeed passions an be roused s at work, but may be directed in a rather out of control way, especially re cupid’s domain.. However in the second half of the month there is also a very strong focus on significant others and romantic relationships and you don’t do half measures.

 From the 15th if born up to November 11th, you are a bit of a magnet and your ability to consider other people’s needs with great allure attracts others to you and after the 20th, if born up to November 2nd you really are in predatory mood, but others too will not let you get away with too much, and relationships, though compulsive, could become a bit of a battleground Financial issues could be a point of contention..

Saturn, let’s not forget is in your sign and now haunting the lives of those born October 31st to November 4th. This is a significant period of facing some difficult issues in life and you cannot kick the can down the road. Low energy, noticing the march of time and having to be disciplined, focused and hard working is unavoidable. You have to put right what has gone wrong and you are well capable of doing that. As you have great regenerative powers.

If born around November 4th your ability to reinvent yourself through the power of thought should not be underestimated, courtesy of Pluto. Neptune is very gently favouring those born around October 27th-29th. Your idealism is a motivator in love life and your empathy with and need for creative inspiration is also significant. Sensitivity to others now corresponds with a reduction in the power of your ego.  The Lunar eclipse of the 25th directly contacts those born around October 29th.. . Powers within you may be released, the origins of which are deep and have been building.

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