Monday, 1 April 2013

Virgo August 23rd - September 21st

This month can be quite an intense month for your sign as it involves your solar 8th house, which is about the profundities of life. It is also a focus on complex, private, joint issues of an intimate and financial quality, and before the 20th with Mars so strong in Aries, one has to be on one’s guard that assertiveness does not become combative, particularly re complex economics.

However before the 14th with Mercury in your opposite sign, all born after September 5th have the opportunity to utilise their pragmatic intellect to deal well with others.

After the 15th when Venus moves into Taurus, all of you born up to September 12th may find much pleasure, happiness or even romance when you push your boundaries far afield geographically. A love of learning is yours and financial dealings are favoured long-distance.

After the 20th if born any date up to September 1st energy and constructive psychological and intellectual will, put into long-distance and academic issues will win the day. Just be wary if born September 3rd to 11th of being a little arrogant or over-confident in your professional sphere. Unusually for you, you are not risk-averse then. Saturn is keeping you mature and grounded if born September 1st to 4th, and you thinking is pragmatic and constructive.

Pluto is bringing an unusual note for some time to come of courage and will that is incredibly transformative for you and others if born September 2nd to 5th, notably in creative and romantic fields and in dealing with offspring. Do not under-estimate your mind over matter in these areas. Neptune is not so solid an influence for all born August 27th to 29th.  For the next 18 months be wary of seeing what you want to see in others and know that all is not clear .. so keep grounded and don’t let dreams and idealism cloud pragmatism. Artists/musicians etc are however blessed in their talents now

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