Monday, 1 April 2013

Taurus April 21st - May 20th

For many of you, much of the month will be spent in rather quiet retreat because of the emphasis on your solar 12th house. Private work for others, helping and assisting in a very karmically obliged way, should be embraced. You may feel rather alienated to the world . A need for privacy and peace is rightfully yours.

However, after the 15th when your ruler Venus moves into your own sign, all born up to May 10th will certainly be obviously charismatic. You will look good, feel good, it is a good hair period and your charms are very alluring, and your sense of good will to others helps.

Before the 20th there will be the potential for some of you to sit in isolation with a rather angry resentment. This brooding anger or passive aggression can only do you harm. However after the 20th when Mars moves into your own sign, all April born Taureans show their strength

Saturn however is opposing the Suns of those born April 28th to May 2nd. For this group other people are obstructing you or causing you problems or bringing reality checks about their true nature to your door. Obligations have to be attended to but wake up calls need taking on board about the true calibre of those that are in your life and what you are going to do about it. Slow-downs, restrictions and aches and pains are all part of this Saturn demand, as he is reminding you that you are certainly not getting younger when it comes to physicality.

However even this Saturn affected group have Pluto just on their side and will feel that they can rise to the occasion, reinvent, transform and regenerate themselves, no matter what the stress. All of you born around May 3rd will feel Pluto’s empowering touch especially re long-distance connections and a powerful intellect brings courage and mind over matter powers..

The lunar eclipse of the 25th is directly affecting those born April 25th to 27th. For this group this could mark a showdown from someone that has been bubbling up for some time. Things tend to show they have run their course at such a time

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