Monday, 1 April 2013

Capricorn December 22nd - January 19th

The lure of home and simplicity will be strong, although before the 14th if born after January 2nd you will be hungry for exchange of ideas and to assert your intellect. Feelings and ideologies are urgently expressed

After the 15th many of you if born up to January 11th will also be feeling very creatively inspired. The call of Cupid is strong also and children’s issues can bring special pleasure.

Have a care before the 20th as many of you then may be tempted to be a bit obstructive domestically and with family, and others at home will be no pushovers Note that after the 20th and if December born, your courage and refusal to take “no” for an answer will be notable.  It could be an excellent time for beautifying your environment and for DIY..

Uranus is creating some stress for those born December 29th to January 2nd. All is uncertain and restlessness within and indeed emanating from others is making you nervous. During this coming year, flexibility is your friend and see life as a journey, not an arrival, but do not make drastic changes that you can’t undo.  This is a forever changing, volatile once in an every 42-year energy, that lasts about a year.

Pluto is seriously testing the wise use of power for those born January 1st to the 3rd still and will be so-doing until January 2015. See these 2 years as a test of your potential and destiny, but always make sure that you use your power for the greater good. Stop and think. Endings of chapters and new-beginnings are definitely in the air. Neptune meanwhile is harmonising his energy with those born around December 26th. He is softening your heart, releasing compassion and empathy.  This is a time when you realise the value of intuition and emotional intelligence. It is Important also to celebrate creative/artistic matters that can get too easily sidelined on the altar of work and duty.

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