Monday, 1 April 2013

Libra September 22nd - October 23rd

 It’s all about relationships this month, the power they have over you and your ability to give good input. Communication skills can enhance relationships from the 14th if born up to October 20th and before the 15th all born after October 4th have people bringing to your door good karma through love and care, reflecting your attitude to them

However before the 20th, with Mars strong, for all born after October 7th there is also the power of passion and intensity, which can be positive or intimidating. There is no neutrality in relationships this month.  Also the desire to create beauty, especially in collaboration with others is powerful.

Jupiter is your friend right now if born October 3rd to 11th. He brings exciting travel, and contacts overseas or long-distance, is benevolent and enriching. He inspires confidence and luck and ability and joy in academic pursuits

Uranus however is a little tricky if born September 30th to October 4th. Other people are unpredictable and making you nervous.  Change in relationships is probably the catalyst that is needed for you to change, even though it may be unlooked for. The left field and unpredictable are in the air. Pluto is still creating deep rumblings in the lives of those born October 3rd to 5th.  Family and domestic upheaval is possible and the endings of eras in some way, but struggles to assert your power and independence are part of the picture.. It feels like a fight for survival. It is primeval in force. Be conscious of the deeper source that this  energy is erupting from: from way back probably  so you must  count to 10 or it can be abusive power that is unleashed in you or in others. The New moon of the10th falls opposite the sun degrees of those born October 12 to 14th..This is a good time for the bold and the new.

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