Saturday, 1 June 2013

ARIES March 21st - April 20th

June is a month when you can successfully negotiate yourself in and out of situations. It is a time for clear thinking and logic, and with your ruler Mars in your solar 3rd house, it is definitely giving you assertiveness in speech and writing that is effective and persuasive, particularly if born up to April 12th

However the news that Jupiter moves into Cancer this month from the 26th, where he will stay for a year, is also significant for your sign. He will be in square relationship. All of you over the next year at some point will be feeling extremely confident and maybe being very eager to move and have involvement in real estate transactions. That is fine, and it is a time for change and growth, but just be aware that you don’t push out the boat too far. Initially those affected will be those born around March 22nd/23rd.  Family celebrations and generosity is also in the air.  Enjoy Jupiter, but don’t let him allow you to forget a modicum of moderation.

For all born March 31st to April 4th, Uranus and Pluto are very much on your case. There is a huge among of restlessness for many of you. You are feeling agitated, desirous of liberty, feeling maverick and rebellious. You want to shake up the world and your life and you are feeling tense and on the edge of your seat. Just don’t make rash decisions. Change is going to happen, you just have to realise you can’t push the river too quickly. Hang loose, keep flexible, and see life as a journey.

Equally, for many of you there is a feeling of radical change to your status on some level. There is a necessary need to confront the endings of chapters, and to be aware of avoiding the abuse of power, either yours or others’, at all costs. This is a life-changing journey, an evolutionary journey of your soul. Trust it has a constructive, empowering purpose. It does.

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