Saturday, 1 June 2013

SAGITTARIUS November 22nd - December1st

There is a lot going on re significant others this month as Gemini connects to your solar 7th house. If born after December 19th use the first 3 days of the month to rubber stamp romance, and indeed before the 26th if born after the 16th, Jupiter is bringing positive experiences with others very much into play. Travel and luck go hand-in-hand and meeting people from other countries can enrich life

However it is true also to say that if born up to December 11th there is also the possibility with Mars active, of potential confrontation with others, possibly because you are a little bit too full-on yourself and irritation may well be in the air with partners, so have a care.

The big news is Jupiter’s move into Cancer on the 26th, which for your sign suggests a beneficial and protective focus cast onto complex joint financial issues and intimacy.

Mercury moving retrograde also on the 26th warns however that one has to be very careful and read the small print on any financial transaction over the coming month..

Uranus is truly inspiring for those born December 3rd to 6th with opportunities coming your way to be confident and to take a leap into the future. It is also excellent for the artist and for those who seek excitement, adventure and more liberation in love life. It can also bring the unexpected re children in a positive way.

However if born around November 27th to 29th be aware that confusion is around and you need to be sure that you are seeing clearly, particularly re domestic, real estate and family issues.  Some sacrifices are in the air.

The new Moon falls on the 8th and directly affects those born December 9th to 12th. New chapters are starting, the time is right.

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