Saturday, 1 June 2013

LIBRA September 22nd - October 23rd

Trains, boats and planes await you, or at the least you are planning to board them, as this is a wonderful time for vacations, and much energy can successfully be put into this if born up to October 15th. It is also an extremely good time for academic pursuits with courage and energy and much potential and success, notably before the 26th if born after October 17th. For this group, this is a great month therefore for rubber-stamping goals to achieve re travel and intellectual progress.

After the 26th, Jupiter moves into Cancer for one year. That shift puts focus on luck, development and confidence being put more onto one’s public standing and status, at some point for all of you during the coming year, but it is not a direct influence.

For those born October 4th to 7th, Uranus and Pluto are very much in your face. The unexpected is in the air vis-à-vis relationships. Other people are not behaving predictably and they are making you insecure. They may in fact be kick-starting you into greater change because they need greater change. It is not a time for the same old same old to continue.

Pluto is slightly more challenging than that. There are potential power struggles with people, particularly in family or domestic circumstances and some endings of chapters are in the air. Financial challenges need to be faced full on. Draw boundaries when people are abusive and ensure that you do not do knee-jerk in reaction. This principle of survival is strong, as buttons are being pressed that can now feel slightly threatening and the dark has to be confronted so as to reach the light. Stop and count to ten before reacting to others. Do not be primeval in response. Your life will be changing and endings of chapter are in the air, but ultimately this is empowering. Just ensure your conscience is squeaky clean.

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