Saturday, 1 June 2013

TAURUS April 21ST - May 20th

 It is a time for rationalising finances and focusing on it, particularly as Mars in Gemini (your solar second house,) brings you a stronger sense of assertive, constructive energy to ensure economic safety.

However the good news is that Jupiter moves into compatible to your sign, Cancer on the 26th and for following 12 months, all of you will get a little bit of a fillip from his rays. Initially it is those born around April 20th/21st who will benefit. Basically, he is bringing greater sharpness to your perception and communication skills and giving an opportunity to grab hold of some ideas and thoughts that you can develop positively. It is also good around issues connected to siblings.

Mercury in Cancer all month is certainly enhancing your communication skills anyway, but from the 26th it is important to realise that all forms of communications, particularly relating to technology and when travelling, can be a little less than smooth-running, as Mercury will be retrograde and tends to promote a little unexpected frustration, usually with a purpose.

Saturn in Scorpio is now opposing the Suns of those born April 24th to 27th. The firm hand of blocks and restrictions is around, particularly from others. Travel does not feel comfortable and it can be for duty, and everything is slowed. Look after your body and get rest, but patiently persevere. Be aware of the significance of taskmasters now. This is a learning curve.

However for those born the first few days in May, Pluto is definitely on your side, empowering you and bringing real benefits from overseas and experiences and people who emanate from cultures other than your own. It is also excellent for academic excellence and empowered confidence and indeed a sense of destiny.

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