Saturday, 1 June 2013

SCORPIO October 24th - November 21st

Jupiter’s move into Cancer on the 26th is a happy event for your sign, being a compatible water sign. For about a year, expanded travel and overseas contacts are beneficial and intellectual and philosophical pursuits are inspiring. There will be a general feeling of growth and seeing the world in a full and wise way. Luck and confidence inspire. Initially, those born at the beginning of Scorpio will benefit, around October 24th, but you will all have your turn.

However, also on the 26th, Mercury moves retrograde, suggesting that for those for whom travel is important this month, check schedules, as there is a possibility of delays/glitches and possibly there could be frustration getting you ideological ideas understood.

This month suggests some of you may have to focus on intense issues over money (not unusual for your sign) and one has to be very prepared to get even deeper re relationships.

Between the 3rd and 27th travel is on the agenda for all, particularly related to the arts and romance, but the focusing on rationalising finances before the 26th can really bear fruit.

Saturn in your sign is now haunting the lives of those born October 27th to 30th. For this group there is a need to face some karma and deal with facts and truths and do what is necessary. It’s a time to be mature in terms of facing up to the practical, logistical fact that need acknowledging and addressing. Doing the necessary, even if uncomfortable, brings rewards

Pluto, your ruling planet, is excellent in terms of his influence now, if born November 2nd to 5th.   He is offering you greater insight and the power of communication, and the power to transform your life through understanding and wisdom. Your cut-to-the-chase gift now is truly impressive in all communications.

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