Saturday, 1 June 2013


   by Leigh Oswald (London-based Astrologer and Teacher)

The big astrological news this month is Jupiter’s entrance into Cancer. Jupiter goes through each sign every 12 years and stays in that sign for a year. Wherever Jupiter is, there are benefits brought to that part of the Zodiac, or at least protection. Therefore it is obvious that for Cancerians it is a bonus and all members of that sign will benefit at some point over the coming twelve months, but it also works well for the opposite earth sign of Capricorn and brings a boost to fellow water signs of Scorpio and Pisces Cancer rules America and Scotland, Holland, Paraguay and New Zealand, and Cancer is traditionally deemed to rule the city of New York, Amsterdam, Milan, Stockholm, Venice, Tokyo and indeed Manchester in the UK. Jupiter at best brings expansion, opportunities, luck and growth, either inner or outer. In his most conservative role he offers protection. His role astronomically is to help deflect asteroids from the Earth, and so too he can deflect danger from individuals who he is positively influencing

Mercury moves retrograde this month, also on the 26th, from Cancer and that would suggest that from the 26th for about 26 days one can expect hiccups, delays, restrictions, poor communications, blocks and things generally not going to our human intentions and plans. Mercury retrograde is meant to give time to review and reconsider our goals and desires. There is method in the madness. What humans want and when they want it is not necessarily what they need and when they need it, nor is it necessarily good for them. This however is Gemini’s month. London is a Gemini city and focus may well be on activities there. However with Venus from the 3rd to 27th in Cancer and Mercury in Cancer all month, powerful Cancerian influences are at work, which is about nurturing, caring, the unconscious and rules the power of the public. By contrast Gemini is all about the power of pure rationality, the mind, ideas and communications.

Uranus continues to square Pluto this month, particularly early month, which is merely the continuation of the overt and covert clash between dictatorial and economic power and the populous.

Saturn also continues to trine Neptune most of the month, bringing the opportunities to work hard to fulfil ideals and to have the will to work hard to manifest creative, spiritual or humanitarian achievements. The emerging collective consciousness and distaste (Neptune) relating to corporate tax avoidance (Pluto in Capricorn) is putting pressure on governments and big business to make a more equitable system. Currently internationally organised tax avoidance schemes and complicated loopholes drummed up by wealthy lawyers and accountancy firms in a globalised system with very loose boundaries and which seems to answer to no jurisdiction, are clearly at odds with national interests.  By claiming international status they can escape much taxation responsibility. This is a divided world in extremis. There are increasingly more wealthy organisations and their people, living in a bubble totally removed from the majorities’ experience of and obligations of life.  Saturn working in concert with the global collective power of Neptune however is a good tool for bringing together forces of economic power bases (Saturn) and forces working for a more ideal and fair solution (Neptune). However with Uranus (revolutionary fervour) still at odds with Pluto (often ruthless power) in Saturn ruled Capricorn, the clash between these who want egalitarian behaviour and those who want to pay as little tax as possible will indeed be a ruthless one.

To say tax avoidance is immoral, whilst maintaining its legality (the stance taken by David Cameron), is cognitive dissonance indeed.

Selective enforcement of morality can be convenient and of course many of our politicians and their parties are advantaged financially by many of the corporate avoiders.

It should be remembered that taxation is the price we pay for living in a civilised society. Saturn's current journey through Scorpio is very much about pointing out the truth that responsibility and uncomfortable discipline needs to be accepted and embraced in the financial realm. Harsh lessons resulting from the abuse of financial power are in the ether. The frustration of outgoing financial desire being thwarted is a great teacher when Saturn is in Scorpio. It seems it is the power of public opinion and public boycott and action (rather than political will) that is forcing change and shame. Neptune harmonising with Saturn brings these subtle collective influences to bear.

The 11th, 12th and 13th are tricky periods when Venus squares Uranus and opposes Pluto. The unexpected is in the air as are serious power struggles, individually and globally, and the 7th and 8th are also times of some upset, the unpredictable and left field. Both are quite explosive periods. The 19th and 20th can bring bonuses, confidence and progress, but it can also bring arrogance and over-reaching. However the 26th and 27th are very measured days of inspiration, common sense and also a sense of real achievement when will, hard work and belief combine successfully.

The new Moon falls on the 8th at 17/18° of Gemini and the full Moon falls on the 23rd at 2° of Capricorn. The full Moon marks the ending or closure of a chapter, reaping what we have sown, and the new Moon is an opportunity to plant new growth, metaphorically and literally.

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