Saturday, 1 June 2013

PISCES. February 19th - March 20th

June tends to correlate with issues to do with home and family, and having to focus on duties there, and with Mars in Gemini, there is a distinct possibility for those born up to March 13th of some sort of war drum effect going on in relation to levels of intolerance and irritation, both from self and possibly from family members, or those you share house room with, so beware.

The big news however this month is that there is ingress of Jupiter into compatible to your sign Cancer on the 26th. From that point, for about a year, you will all benefit to some extent from the protective or growth-orientating rays of this planet. Initially it will only be those born at the very end of Aquarius/ beginning or Pisces who will benefit, i.e. those born around February 19th.  The benefits for you all will manifest in terms of creativity, romantic issues, enjoyment and children’s issues, as he is enhancing your solar 5th house of creativity, individuality and life-affirming energy. A bit of a party time, no less. Around the19th /20th is particularly powerful in this respect

Mercury moves retrograde on the 26th, which suggests that those born March 12th to 14th need to recognise, that romantic issues can suffer from some poor communication.

Neptune still continues to affect those born February 23rd to 25th in his very rare, once-in-a-lifetime manifestation. Dreams, ideals, escapism, inspiration, spirituality, hypersensitivity and confusion can abound, but remember that no matter how you experience this, it is about an on-going redemption.

Those born the first two days of March are being seriously empowered by Pluto. Leadership skills and a sense of having the power of service at your disposal to regenerate others should not be underestimated.

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