Saturday, 1 June 2013

LEO July 22nd - August 22nd

Friendships are important this month and working in collaboration with others for a common goal can be successful, notably if born after August 16th and particularly so if achieved before the 26th. There is definitely a sense for this group that there is a rubber-stamping of benefits from others and a confidence to be able to move forward with their support.

For those born up to August 14th, Mars is giving you extra confidence and drive to achieve whatever you want to achieve, and with enhanced intelligence as part of the package.

However there is much emphasis on the sign Cancer this month, and Jupiter moves into Cancer for a year from the 26th. This shift is basically going to enhance your psychological sense of well-being. It brings behind-the-scenes bonuses; it is like a quiet guardian angel in operation and reversals in life work out to your advantage. This will very delicately touch all of over the next year. It is a very quiet note.

However for those born July 26th to 29th Saturn is still haunting you. Domestic and family issues are challenging and cannot be run away from. Tiredness and negative thinking are part of the journey, but actually what Saturn is forcing you to do is face some facts, and is also trying to encourage you to get on with the practical realities of life and to be mature and grounded. It is important to do the boring, and practical, if challenging things, that will give you better infrastructure. With Saturn it is all about deferred gratification.

Meanwhile, those born August 2nd to 6th have Uranus really giving a boost to overseas and academic issues, and allowing you to see outside the box, and to realise a much bigger picture consciousness than ever before. This is a time to take risks, be innovative, trust your own uniqueness and to reinvent your future with belief in self.

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