Saturday, 1 June 2013

CANCER June 21st - July 21st

Great news :on the 26th Jupiter enters your sign for a whole year in his once every 12-year visitation.  He brings support and a boost to all. He expansion of one’s horizons, literally and metaphorically, growth, internal and external and is particularly good around health and work issues. Initially those benefiting will be very cuspal Cancers born around June 22nd/23rd.

Mercury in Cancer all month adds to intellectual prowess and communication skills. After the 26th when retrograde, it will be important for all to be aware that there can be delays and hiccups with transport, and technology, so have patience? Some delays are for a reason.

However many of you this month will be feeling reclusive, retreatist and wanting to commune only with self, but with Mars in Gemini, it’s important not to sit and seethe and not to resent. Passive aggression and passive resistance will not serve you well.

Between the 3rd and 27th when Venus is in Cancer, you can all experience a boost to either romantic or creative confidence. The power of the affections and aesthetics is strong.

All born between July 1st and 5th have the power of Uranus and Pluto challenging you. Uncertainty and restlessness in your professional life brings insecurity and although scared of change, you know it is inevitable. Do not be impulsive, and what you can’t control, trust will produce positive results even after some initial discomfort. There are people in your orbit who may misuse their power and it is important that you face and recognise the dark side of the human condition when you see it, both in self and others. Ensure your conscience is clear and your motive is good, even if others around you can’t say the same.

If born around June 26th to 28th allow your heart to open to the spiritual and the extra creative gifts bestowed.  Extra sensitivity now can only enhance life.

The Full moon on the 23rd targets those born round June 24th.It maybe a time to honour the power of relationship revolution

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