Tuesday, 1 July 2014

TAURUS April 21ST - May 20th

Jupiter moves out of Cancer into Leo on the 16th. While he has been in Cancer he has served you well as a sign, bringing the gift of greater wisdom in your communications and certain protection. From Leo he brings a more extravagant phase and maybe one should look before one leaps. However it will bring a certain amount of benefit domestically and family-wise, providing there’s a little modesty. Initially those affected after the 16th, are born up April 25th. 

Mercury moves direct on the 2nd bringing for many a little bit of relief on a financial level, or at least any cheque that should have been in the post finally will be, and after the 13th many of you will find that lines of communication are much more free-flowing.

After the 18th, if born April 26th to May 7th, your mind and your heart combine to give extra charm when dealing with others.

Be aware that after the 26th when Mars moves into Scorpio, you will have a period of time when other people are not pushovers and when there will be some confrontations. Initially those born up to April 26th will feel this as the month matures.. People will feel fairly ruthless and unbending and you must be careful not to sink to the same level. Preferably walk away.

Saturn in your opposite sign of Scorpio still, is bringing an ongoing sense of weight, weariness, tiredness and lack of patience for those born May 6th to 8th. Others feel burdensome and some tasks feel impossible and you need rest and to draw boundaries if people are too demanding. It is also a time for making decisions about the validity of certain people in your life, and from the 20th, ways forward are visible. Pluto now (rarely) empowers those born on the 2nd-4th May. A sense of intense courage to grab your potential and power and destiny (without arrogance) serves you well.

Neptune brings applied and workable idealism and blessings from friends if born April 26th-29th.

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