Tuesday, 1 July 2014

GEMINI May 21st - June 20th

Financial safety may become an important issue for you this month, and indeed before the 16th many of you have a last opportunity to ensure that that can be rubber-stamped.  From the 2nd your ruler Mercury moves forward again in your sign, suggesting that the brakes come off in certain important persona areas that have been stalled in life. People start to read from the same hymn sheet again too.

When Jupiter moves into Leo on the 16th however, this is also good news for your sign, notably initially for all those born up to May 26th. The coming year is likely to bring an increase in your ability to access wisdom, intelligence, learning, and positive and powerful communications that are effective. A boost is in the air.

Before the 26th all born after June 8th are prompted to have courage and confidence in romantic matters. You will not take no for an answer and there is a great surge of creative energy as well. The desire to take a few risks is likely to show itself and probably productively.

When Mars moves into Scorpio on the 26th, energy and drive will be more focused into everyday routine and work, and after the 20th when Saturn moves direct in Scorpio, conundrums at work or impasses will start to ease.

If born around June 6th to 8th Uranus continues to give you a real boost to your wisdom and intuition and your ability to see the big picture grows.. You can think outside the box and your leadership role in a group capacity is enhanced. Wisdom now encompasses more than just logic.

 Neptune is causing some mischief for those born June 27th-30th. There is some sense of a dissolving of ties with career direction and circumstances and all may not be as it seems … Get clarity, check the small pint and be aware that you are changing values and this nay be causing you some confusion in your goals.  Beware also others taking advantage of you unfairly.  Selfless giving is fine if warranted, but beware others abusing this in you.

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