Tuesday, 1 July 2014

SAGITTARIUS November 22nd- December 21st

The very good news for you this month is that Jupiter moves on the 16th into your fellow fire sign of Leo which will for the next 12 months benefit you all at some point in terms of long-distance issues, and academic and/or legal and publishing issues, and will bring a general feeling of upswing of energy and luck. Initially after the 16th those most benefiting are born November 22nd to 27th.

Unless you have significant planets in Aries, Capricorn, Cancer and Libra, this month’s grand cross /square chaos isn’t directly influencing your sign in particular.

Mercury moves direct on the 2nd, bringing a sense of breakthrough and progression in all things to do with relationships, notably if born after December 16th, and before the 18th all born after November 30th can look forward to a fillip in all relationships as affections flourish.

Energy is wisely directed especially towards group goals before the 26th if born after December 10th. After the 26th for all of you, energy becomes a little more private and it is important not to sit on resentments.

Financial frustrations may start to resolve for many of you as from the 20th when Saturn moves direct and for those born December 8th to 10th, Uranus continues to bring a sense of the welcome in terms of awakening you to new possibilities, new futures and innovation, both within and without.

Neptune’s influence is currently strong if born November 28th –December 1st. For this group there is a need to be wary of illusion, delusion, deception and over idealism, as there are smoke and mirror factors around. All may feel confused and uncertain and no major decisions that are irreversible should be made in important matters. Watch and wait for the Fog to lift on its own, which it will eventually. Allow your ego to take a back seat. In the meantime avoid excessive escapism and get sleep and enjoy the simple pleasures of nature and life, especially being near the sea. The world of music, film and the arts attract and bring solace.

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