Tuesday, 1 July 2014

LIBRA September 22nd - October 23rd

Your sign being cardinal is one of the four signs likely to be feeling the current cosmic stresses more than others. It is a time of the unexpected, some power struggles and some confrontational episodes. Much that has been buried is likely to show itself in a rather demanding way and life can be very left field in some way.

Before the 18th if born after October 1st good news and positive experiences are however likely, related to overseas or long-distance issues, as indeed they are for legal and academic pursuits.  Mercury moving direct on the 2nd brings a sense of the green light going on so you can move forward with plans, including travel and academic pursuits.

Mars in your sign before the 26th warns many of you born after October 11th to beware that there is a strong sense that others are going to be tough in their dealings with you and you yourself are surprisingly more assertive than usual and you will have to stand up and be counted, but draw boundaries around unacceptable bullying.  In your eternal battle between self-assertion and self-surrender the former may have to bravely prevail.

The advent of Jupiter into Leo on the 16th is good news for your sign as he is in harmonious angular relationship to your Libra and this month it brings for those born up to September 28th a boost to social life. Opportunities are there to be grabbed and also leadership skills are underscored. Friends also come up trumps.

Don’t underestimate the impact of the unpredictable in relationships if born October 9th to 11th. Others are behaving in a chaotic way, but it is potentially liberating. They are bringing you opportunities for growth and innovation, despite the sense of insecurity that is on the table.

If born October 4th-7th, there are power struggles in the air, both within self and externally and domestic conditions may be areas of needed change. A growing awareness of a need to own your own power and independence may needs acknowledged, without it being abusive.

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