Tuesday, 1 July 2014

PISCES February 19th - March 20th

The stressful transits now in operation, particularly in the first 2 weeks do not directly affect you, but you will be aware of the energies around you and none of us will be untouched.

Creativity, speculative ventures and children are real forces for you now and issues connected to home, real estate and family get moving after the 2nd when Mercury goes direct, and indeed from the 13th, all of you will feel a boost to intellectual energy, and enhanced communication skills allow breakthroughs, notably romantically, creatively and with offspring.

After the 18th all born between February 24th and March 7th can expect increased input from Cupid and the artistic talents flourish.

There may be some stress re money for you all, but this may reflect big picture issues.

After the 26th all born up to February 24th will feel a surge of energy and issues to do with academic study and travel can be successful and flourish.

The big news is that Jupiter moves into Leo on the 16th leaving your fellow water sign of Cancer, so that before the 16th all born after March 16th will be anointed with the blessings of Jupiter which brings luck, fulfilment, confidence and travel.

After the 16th Jupiter’s move into Leo brings the focus of benefit into your solar 6th house relating to routine work and health issues which should feel supported for the next 12 months.

Neptune your ruler brings a sense of either divine inspiration and spiritual awareness or confusion and possible delusion to those born Feb 25-27th. Keep grounded. If born March 1st- 4th Pluto brings a touch of destiny and purpose with leadership power. Friends are transformative

Meanwhile Saturn steadies the tiller for those born March 6th to 8th and from the 20th when Saturn moves direct, there is a sense of the green light coming on and you can control affairs, particularly long-distance and legal, but realise that this is a tumultuous period globally.. 

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