Tuesday, 1 July 2014

AQUARIUS January 20th - February 18th

The very good news, despite the fact that it is a troublesome month, is that Jupiter moves into your opposite sign of Leo on the 16th, bringing for you all at some point in the next year, a sense of expansion, growth, benefit and as always with Jupiter opposition, also a sense of over-extravagance and over-indulgence, so moderation will not go amiss. Initially those born January 21st to 25th are targeted this month after the 16th.

The cardinal grand cross operative now may stir up issues to do with the past, work and possibly academic and travel issues, but you are not directly affected as a sign. Some power struggles are in the air.

After the 2nd the green light goes on in all creative issues and to issues to do with romance and offspring, and after the 13th communications can work wonders in your working life.

Before the 18th all born after January 27th are experiencing attention, acceleration of love life, and increased aesthetic skills. After the 18th your charms work well in career.

Before the 26th, Mars brings intellectual vigour to all born after February 6th. Confidence intellectually and purposeful travel is well starred. After the 26th all born up to January 25th need to be a little careful about being over-pushy and impatient professionally, and indeed others may be challenging.

Saturn is bringing some stresses now if born February 4th to 6th. Work is feeling very challenging and some reality checks are at hand that need long, honest, careful inspection; although after the 20th there will be a sense that you are more in control of changing the dynamic.  Uranus your ruler is now bringing to all born February 3rd-6th a feeling of extra desire to be authentically true to self, with greater freedom and innovation at hand. You are being blessed by an extra dose of your true outside the box intuitive awareness.

The new Moon falls in your opposite sign of Leo on the 26th potentially bringing to all born January 23rd –25th an extra sense of the initiation of the new and expansive in relationships.

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