Tuesday, 1 July 2014

LEO July 22nd - August 22nd

Despite your ability to cope with stress, you may be very aware of the disruptions at large.

However the good news for your sign is that Jupiter moves into Leo on the 16th where he will stay for a year, during which time all of you will have your turn in the Sun, feeling positive and as if life is on your side. Initially after the 16th those first blessed are born up to July 28th. For this group romance and confidence glows, artistic and creative abilities shine, travel and progress is in the air. It is also quite a fertile period generally, physically and metaphorically.

However July normally for Leo is a time for some quiet contemplation, which may be necessary for some reason. Behind-the-scenes dealings and activities are dominating.

Before the 18th friendships and social life are a pull, despite a retreatist mood, but after the 18th many of you find your sense of kindness and compassion is private and love life is clandestine. From the 2nd personal projects and friends become more user friendly.

Before the 26th Mars in Libra encourages all born after August 10th to have a very intelligent and proactive approach to life with confidence and successful activity. However importantly after the 26th when Mars moves into Scorpio, domestic stresses and family pressures become powerful. Notably those first affected are born in late July. In fact there is a danger after the 26th that some late July born Leos may be a little over-confident and others may be resentful. 

Saturn continues to haunt those born between August 8th and 10th. This is a long haul when one feels frustrated and blocked, and difficult realities are being faced. However from the 20th there will definitely be windows and doors opening to show you a way forward.

Uranus inspires and excites those born August 8th-10th. Travel and metaphysical issues can attract and liberate. A big picture awakening is in the ether.

The new Moon in your sign is on the 26th inspiring those born July 26th-28th to see a welcome new chapter being born in life, notably strong as it conjuncts to Jupiter now newly in your sign.

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