Tuesday, 1 July 2014

CAPRICORN December 22nd - January 19th

Your sign is implicated in the grand cross that is in the zeitgeist now and this may be a rather turbulent month and one in which you can grow considerably if you handle with care. However relationship issues can be a powerful area and changes are in the air, and indeed those born in the first week of January may find you have to stand up and be counted, and if born around the 6th to 8th of January, beware that the unpredictable is very much in the ether.

Before the 26th for all born after January 8th, impulsiveness, impatience and over-assertion can cause challenge with those you deal with in your professional capacity.

Jupiter after a year long visit, is leaving your opposite sign on the 16th. He moves into Leo then. Before the 16th, all born after January 16th will enjoy a positive time with a celebration and expansiveness in relationships, but beware pushing the boat out too far, trusting too much or being over-generous. After the 2nd many of you will find work runs more smoothly.

Jupiter’s move into Leo for a year from the 16th puts emphasis on profounder issues of life. Deeper feelings need some exploring and it can bring advantage re complex financial issues and assets gained via others, and the ability to help others with their resources is underlined.

After the 18th, if born up to January 7th, affections and romance blossom and after the 2nd, delays work-wise get cleared, but from the 13th you all gain from healing communications.

Saturn, your ruler, acts as a great steadier and grounder if born around January 7th, and after the 20th there is a sense that you are more in control of any situation that is frustrating you.

However you will need that steadying influence as Uranus is bringing roller coaster rides.

Neptune still is bringing a hint of magic to those born December 27th-30th.your heart and soul are engaging with your mind bring great sensitivity, compassion and creative input.

The full Moon falls in your sign on the12th targeting those born January 10th-12th. For this group the day can see eruptions in relationships and endings of chapters are possible.

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